May 4, 2010


Hello everyone. Sorry that we have been gone so long. We had a week off (vacation) and when it was over. . . .

My Mommy's 4 year old nephew had a terrible accident. He was run over with a lawnmower and his little foot was cut off. It was devastating!! He is now released from the hospital, but it wasn't before he had 4 surgeries in one week. Bless his little heart!!

Then last week, my Mommy's Mother fell down in the driveway and badly hurt her two fingers. Her fingers were really gross looking. She ended up having to have 8 stitches in her fingers. Wow. . .a lot has happened in a few short weeks!!

We will be back on in full gear shortly!! Don't forget us!!!


April 9, 2010


See ya in a week!!


April 4, 2010

April 3, 2010


Well everyone, I did it again. I just couldn't resist the temptation. Another shoe bites the dust. I chewed up my Mommy's shoe . I have a habit of only chewing up one shoe. . .not both of them. I don't know what possesses me to be so naughty. It must just be a puppy thing.

Here I am immediately after Mommy walked in and found her shoe. Poor Mommy! She wasn't happy with me at all.

P.S. Don't I look handsome in my mug shot?

April 1, 2010


My Mommy played an April Fool's joke this morning that went awry. She was sitting at the kitchen table with her two grandsons and she told Tyler (the oldest grandson) that he had a spider on his head. He laughed and didn't believe her. Jordan (the youngest grandson) got a frightened look on his face and started backing away, pointing at Tyler's head saying that he could see the spider. Well, all "you know what" broke loose! There was screaming, jumping and all that stuff. It all ended with Jordan picking himself up out of my water bowl.

Mommy said she was NOT going to do any more April Fool's jokes this year.

March 29, 2010


Two Dachshunds & Co. tagged us in the blog photo game.
And here are the rules:
1). Go to your 1st photo folder
2). Find the 10th picture
3). Post the 10th picture and tell everyone about it!

This picture is of my buddy, Punky. Punky is a girl and she's 19 years old. Let me tell you something about that old girl. SHE IS FAST AND FIERCE!! She will chase after me from room to room. She acts like a much younger girl. She used to be really big. Around 20 pounds. But now that she is older, she is losing weight. Basically, she is a sweet natured cat. She just doesn't like dogs. Bummer!!

4). Tag 5 other Doggie Blogs so they can have some photo fun, too!! (If you've recently been tagged, sorry!!)

Frankie Furter

March 28, 2010

March 27, 2010



It is always a good idea to show some bravery so your Mommy or Daddy knows that you are doing your job. If you hear a noise outside, you should growl or bark. Just once will do. No sense in overdoing it. You will still get the credit for bravery.

But, every once in a while, you should do more. Peeking out the windows growling and barking is really impressive. It shows your intent to attack if necessary. Make them feel that they will have to hold you back. Everyone will think you are so devoted and fiercely protective. It may even earn you some extra treats!

Here I am guarding my household from intruders. It turned out to be my Mommy's daughter and grandsons, but that's okay. My Mommy thinks I was willing to attack and maim for her safety.

March 24, 2010

March 20, 2010


For some strange reason, my Mommy thinks I look like Basil Rathbone. He's the guy who played Sherlock Homes in those old films. She says that it's because of our long noses. But she also says that I'm much, much cuter (love you too, Mommy). It must be the noses because I know I would NEVER smoke, nor would I ever, ever wear such a silly hat. (Oh please don't let me eat my words on the hat comment). Look at our profiles below and see what you think.

March 19, 2010



We can always learn from our feline friends. What I learned from my friend, Punky, is to lie low, watch carefully and pounce when you get your chance.

Here I am carefully stalking a cracker on the table. You can see that I use the "from the bottom up" technique. The procedure for this technique is to creep up slowly and remain undetected while never losing sight of your desired prey. I generally am successful in using this technique on the dining room chair because I blend in so nicely.

Unfortunately for me, Mommy had her cell phone handy and was able to catch me in the act.

March 16, 2010




I learned the hard way much like this little fellow below. I chewed up my Mommy's work shoe last night. She was not amused. Neither was I when I got caught. There just wasn't any way I could make her believe that the cat did it.

March 14, 2010


My Mommy was a bit under the weather this weekend. She had a horrible headache that she couldn't totally get rid of until Sunday afternoon. I did my very best to comfort her. I slept next to her all night long. I slept so tightly against her that she kept waking up all night long to check on me. When she took a nap early this afternoon, I protected her by sleeping right on top of her during her entire nap. She felt better when she got up, so I must have done a GREAT job. She said that she will be fine soon and we will visit our blogging friends soon.

March 11, 2010


This is Tyler holding me. Tyler is my Mommy's grandson. He used to live with us, but when his Mom got an apartment, he moved with her. Luckily for me, I get to see Tyler every day! I get so excited when he comes over. When I hear the car pull up, I run as fast as I can to the chair beside the living room window. When I'm in position, I push the vertical blinds apart and and press my nose against the window. My Mommy always laughs at me when I do that. Once Tyler's inside, I jump and dance around until he picks me up. I love Tyler so much!! Who are your favorite people?

P.S. The date on the picture is wrong. I am only 9 months old. . . .not 6 years. Someone (maybe Tyler?) played around with Mommy's camera.

March 10, 2010

March 7, 2010


Posted by T.J.

This is one of the girls next door. Her name is Scarlett. She is a teacup poodle. I want her to be my girlfriend, but she's playing hard to get. Scarlett has the LONGEST legs on a poodle that I've ever seen. It's really quite enticing in my opinion. I am a leg man. She's an older girl. . .nearly 11 years old, but I'm not sure because a lady never tells her age. I do like mature girls. Scarlett keeps "dancing" around me playing cat and mouse. I must admit that I am a bit intimidated by her, but my heart skips a beat whenever she's around. I guess if it doesn't work out, there is always Muffin. . .the other girl next door.

March 5, 2010


I was on the computer last night and T.J. kept wanting me to pick him up. Whenever I did, he became like a limp rag. His eyes would slowly blink. Awww. . .he was ready to go to sleep. We did the pick up, put down routine about 6 times. Finally, he just sat there with his body turned away from me. He kept looking at me with big soulful eyes as if he were saying, "Mommy, I'm sleepy. I want to go to sleep". So the moment after I snapped his picture on my cell phone, it was sleepy time for us. Would you believe that rascal slept all night long without getting down one time? He snuggled up to me all night long.

March 4, 2010


I had to work 3 hours overtime this evening. It was so nice to come home to my little T.J. who was practically jumping out of his skin to greet me. He was just dying to shower me with doxie kisses. No matter what I have to deal with out in the world, I have my little boy at home who is always so happy to see his Mommy.

March 2, 2010

March 1, 2010


I've never had a dog that watched tv. It just cracks me up. He gets all comfy on the couch and watches it with me.

February 27, 2010


Maybe I should have named my little doxie, T.D. for tazmanian devil. Last weekend I bought him a plush, beautiful new bed. He already had one, but I was going to put this new one by my computer desk. Not only was it beautiful, but I got it for a great price!!

I brought it home and T.J. loved it. He rolled around in it. Curled up for a little nap. Rolled around in it some more. I was pleased. So I jumped on my computer to do some work. About 10 minutes later, my grandson Jordan came running to me telling me that T.J. had torn up his new bed. I walked out to the living room and I swear it looked like I had blue snowballs all over the living room floor!! He had ripped out the bottom of the bed and had pulled out all of the stuffing. I was dumbfounded! How could he have done so much destruction so fast? He's gotta be part Tazmanian Devil.

February 26, 2010


T.J. mourning his loss

Poor little T.J. He had the unfortunate luck to start marking his territory. Plus he was wetting on people. He'd just hike his leg up and wet on someone. Unacceptable! Gotta get this problem nipped in the bud. So off we went to the SPCA to get T.J. fixed. He was a brave little boy even though he didn't feel good the first day. He received extra loving for going through such a traumatic experience. The next day, he was feeling much better. Can you see the tear running down his face in the picture? He's such a dramatic fella.

February 23, 2010


Jordan and T.J. on the couch taking a nap

I thought it would be nice to have my Mom, daughter and two grandsons help me pick a name for my new puppy. BIG MISTAKE!!! It was two hours of crying and temper tantrums from my oldest grandson. All of this over picking a name. Feelings were hurt because I didn't like certain names. Mom had her favorite names as did my daughter. The baby didn't have too much to offer since he was only 3 years old. But the oldest grandson went online to pick out names. He took everything so personally.

Finally, I had reached my limit and declared that I would pick out the name. More tears came. "I know you're going to call him Fritzie" my oldest grandson choked out between his tears and frustration. Good grief!! They went to bed which gave me some much needed relief from the tension.

Finally, I had it! He would be named T.J. after my grandsons. The "T" for Tyler and the "J" for Jordan. I ran it by my Mom and daughter. They loved it and so did I. I told my grandsons the next morning. More feelings were hurt. Tyler didn't want his brother's initial to be part of the dog's name. He wanted the dog to be named entirely after him. Oh boy, that did it. I'd had enough. After a stern talking to, he was perfectly happy with the dog being called T.J. Thank goodness!!! I was ready to pull my hair out!!!