February 27, 2010


Maybe I should have named my little doxie, T.D. for tazmanian devil. Last weekend I bought him a plush, beautiful new bed. He already had one, but I was going to put this new one by my computer desk. Not only was it beautiful, but I got it for a great price!!

I brought it home and T.J. loved it. He rolled around in it. Curled up for a little nap. Rolled around in it some more. I was pleased. So I jumped on my computer to do some work. About 10 minutes later, my grandson Jordan came running to me telling me that T.J. had torn up his new bed. I walked out to the living room and I swear it looked like I had blue snowballs all over the living room floor!! He had ripped out the bottom of the bed and had pulled out all of the stuffing. I was dumbfounded! How could he have done so much destruction so fast? He's gotta be part Tazmanian Devil.

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