February 23, 2010


Jordan and T.J. on the couch taking a nap

I thought it would be nice to have my Mom, daughter and two grandsons help me pick a name for my new puppy. BIG MISTAKE!!! It was two hours of crying and temper tantrums from my oldest grandson. All of this over picking a name. Feelings were hurt because I didn't like certain names. Mom had her favorite names as did my daughter. The baby didn't have too much to offer since he was only 3 years old. But the oldest grandson went online to pick out names. He took everything so personally.

Finally, I had reached my limit and declared that I would pick out the name. More tears came. "I know you're going to call him Fritzie" my oldest grandson choked out between his tears and frustration. Good grief!! They went to bed which gave me some much needed relief from the tension.

Finally, I had it! He would be named T.J. after my grandsons. The "T" for Tyler and the "J" for Jordan. I ran it by my Mom and daughter. They loved it and so did I. I told my grandsons the next morning. More feelings were hurt. Tyler didn't want his brother's initial to be part of the dog's name. He wanted the dog to be named entirely after him. Oh boy, that did it. I'd had enough. After a stern talking to, he was perfectly happy with the dog being called T.J. Thank goodness!!! I was ready to pull my hair out!!!


  1. Congratulations on becoming a dacshund mom. Your going to have a blast with TJ.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  2. Hi, and welcome to the world of doxie blogging! T.J. is just adorable. I can sympathize with the name choosing. It can be a stressful situation indeed and you worry about picking a bad name. Can't wait to read more of T.J.'s stories.