March 7, 2010


Posted by T.J.

This is one of the girls next door. Her name is Scarlett. She is a teacup poodle. I want her to be my girlfriend, but she's playing hard to get. Scarlett has the LONGEST legs on a poodle that I've ever seen. It's really quite enticing in my opinion. I am a leg man. She's an older girl. . .nearly 11 years old, but I'm not sure because a lady never tells her age. I do like mature girls. Scarlett keeps "dancing" around me playing cat and mouse. I must admit that I am a bit intimidated by her, but my heart skips a beat whenever she's around. I guess if it doesn't work out, there is always Muffin. . .the other girl next door.


  1. Oh Scarlettttttt... she sounds like a woman after my heart! I hope she finds pleasure in bringing you joy! If not, well, here I am! BOL!! If not that - well then, on to other hot doggie stuff!

    Thanks 4 sendin me UR link, I like UR bloggie!

  2. I can see why you would be wowed by Scarlett. She has NapTime Eyes!!! WOOOOIE.
    Have you tried giving her some of your snacks??? Good luck!!! Keep us posted.

  3. You left me a message and I came right over. I love Doxies, dogs, cats, all sorts of critters. I'm a tiny Chi, but you knew that. I will be your new furiend and I will check in with you regularly :) Scarlet is a babe!
    Pleased to meet you,

  4. Obviously you have excellent taste in girls. That Scarlett is a real cutie pie and has those come-hither eyes. We wish you the best of luck.

    Alven, Dottie and Flash

  5. What a pretty girl you have found for yourself.
    Good luck TJ.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  6. Hey TJ, thanks for stopping by. Lady is a big girl with a big heart and cruises through life with the confidence of Caruso. She is fascinated by little dogs and gets along just fine with the nice, balanced ones. A neighbor in Seattle has the sweetest little doxie that weaves in and out of Lady's legs when we stop to chat. It's too cute. We'll follow TJ cause we have lot's of friends with Dachshunds. Even though we are partial to Goldens, we love all good doggy boys and girls.

    KT and Lady